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Many physiotherapists here in Spain will – after your initial consultation – rapidly resort to treatments that attach you to a variety of machines or devices that have little to no benefit and often based on instructions written by out-of-touch medical professionals. 


It all makes your treatment rather passive – something that happens to you rather than something you play an active part in. You might turn up daily, but you leave none the wiser, simply hoping to feel better after a while. What’s more, you may well come feel a sense of dependency on the treatment rather than focusing on what you can do about the problem.


My approach is different. 

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There are two key factors that determine my work.


1) Your unique personal history – and how you got into this situation in the first place. 

2) The understanding that your body is a system, a machine full of intricately connected moving parts. 


So even before you come to me, I’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire to get to the root of the problem. In the first session we’ll begin by talking about the issues you want to resolve. You’ll tell me what you do for a living, what you need to do with your body, and what your goals are. 


No two bodies are alike, no two people or lives are alike. To me you’re not just another patient. You’re an individual. 


Then comes a physical exam, where I ask you to move in various ways to highlight the issues further. In some cases we might also explore your psychological and emotional history, depending on the chronicity of the problem. 


These are all fundamental steps, if we’re to get you back on track. 


Throughout the process I’ll listen carefully and adapt my treatment to your specific needs. And then I’ll give you some homework, a few ideas to reflect on, and some exercise advice that helps you move better and deal with the problem. Plus a rough timeline of how long it will take you to recover. 


Of course, you need to play your part. It’s your body. And the more invested you are, the better and faster your recovery will be.


Together we’ll get you feeling great again.

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